Ascension, Coal, 2012, 23″x23″

Detonation: This atmospheric phenomenon is a combination of attraction and repulsion. It zaps from cloud to cloud, or cloud to ground. It’s hidden duplicity occurs when lightning strikes towards earth, and it is the earth that ‘strikes back’ (ie: electromagnetism: thus the earth packs it’s own power): forming the complete bolt and causing it to explode.



Magnetism, Coal, 2012, 15.25"x23"

Magnetism, Coal, 2012, 15.25″x23″

Amplification: Lightning is so volatile that it ‘fries’ the air around it, which causes the air to further expand at fierce speeds: resounding as: thunder. From the onset: ions (negative and positive) separate: accelerating the duality of energy that pulls apart water, ice, air (a natural schism): until the ‘voltage’ of a cloud’s top vs. its bottom is so great: lightning is generated to equalize the expanse.


Emergence, Coal, 2012, 23″x30.5″

Escalation: The flat landscape is a perceptual stage, and the sky: its theatrical performance. Rapid altercations seen above, are also felt on the ground below. Hairs stand up, and that’s not all. There is nothing like a storm to downsize our edifices of human existence than the sense of incoming electricity. Moist air + heat + very little wind increases ‘convection:’ causing heat from the ground to rise, cool, build moisture and rise again (mile upon mile), and release more heat: further fueling the cloud breach, culminating into cumulonimbus stormclouds (that balloon into giant cabbages).